British citizenship can bring considerable benefits and advantages. An adult will normally apply to become British by a process referred to as ‘naturalisation.’ For children under the age of 18 years, the process to become British is referred to as ‘registration.’ 

We have considerable experience in dealing with applications for naturalisation. The Home Office application fees are expensive, and a refusal does not give rise to a right of appeal. It is therefore crucial for the application to be made properly and be supported by correct documents.

We can assist you in any of the following ways:

  • General advice on eligibility: We are able to check your eligibility and provide you with guidance as to whether your application is likely to meet the Home Office’s specific criteria. If that you do not meet the criteria, we may also be able to advice you in relation to the limited circumstances in which the Home Office can exercise discretion and approve an application that does not fully meet the requirements for naturalisation.
  • Application checking service. If you have completed your application yourself, we may be able check that the application and the documents are in order before you send your application to the Home Office.
  • Preparation and submission of application. We are able to prepare the application and submit it to the Home Office. We would also deal with any matters that arise whilst the application remains under consideration.

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