Prison Law

Having a family member imprisoned can be a distressing time and can leave you feeling vulnerable and helpless to help.

Having a family member imprisoned can be a distressing time and can leave you feeling vulnerable and helpless to help.

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Our Prison Law Department is dedicated to providing you with expert advice and assistance on your fundamental rights in custody. We are able to work under Legal Aid where appropriate. The head of department is William Kenyon and all initial enquires should be marked for his attention.

Prison Law - Legal Aid Casework

We are able to assist you on the following matters under the Legal Aid scheme (subject to a means assessment and capacity):

  • Parole Board Reviews - including recalls and pre-tariff reviews.
  • Independent Adjudications – limited to adjudications before an Independent Adjudicator or where representation at a hearing has already been granted by a Governor.
  • Sentence Calculation - where there is a dispute about release dates and the you have already used the internal complaints procedures.
  • Category A Reviews - limited to category A reviews only. This does not include reviews of other security categories.
Prison Law - Private Work

For all other matters we are able to provide legal representation on a private basis.

For governor’s adjudications and re-categorisation decisions we can submit written representations for a fixed fee. We are willing to discuss fixed fees for other matters on a case by case basis. If no fixed fee is available, we can conduct work at an hourly rate which we will be happy to discuss with you as and when necessary.

Civil Claims

We are specialists in bringing civil proceedings against the Prison Service. In particular, we are able to seek damages following serious assaults by staff and inmates. In certain circumstances we can bring claims for discrimination and breaches of the Human Rights Act. Legal Aid may available for some of these matters.

Judicial Review

We regularly bring challenges to decisions of the Prison Service (including Category A decisions) and the Parole Board (including any delay holding oral hearings and refusals to grant oral hearings). Legal Aid may be available for some of these matters.

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