We provide specialist advice to asylum seekers and those applying for humanitarian protection. We have a very high success rate in relation to asylum cases.

We have acted for clients seeking asylum from most countries around the world including Syria, Iran, Palestine, Turkey, Lebanon, Eritrea, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Chile, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Brazil, Bolivia, China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, St Lucia, Ukraine, Albania and Kosovo.

We assist clients by providing guidance on the asylum process. We provide guidance on gathering the relevant evidence in support of asylum applications. In order to assist clients with their asylum interviews, we submit detailed representations to the Home Office together with carefully conducted country of origin research, medical/psychiatric reports (if these are necessary) and a supporting statement from the client shedding light on their reasons for claiming asylum.

After a claim for asylum has been, we adopt a proactive approach of making enquiries with the Home Office at regular intervals so that a decision on an asylum claim is not unreasonably delayed. In cases where the delay is unreasonable, we are able to provide advice on the appropriate legal remedies. 

Unless the Home Office have deemed an asylum case to be ‘’‘clearly unfounded’’, a negative asylum decision would carry an in-country right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal. The appeal deadlines in asylum cases are very strict and it is important that prompt action is taken to appeal. As we have considerable expertise in asylum appeal cases, we are able to take instructions and act quickly to ensure that our clients have every opportunity to appeal.

We also have experience of successful further appeals to the Upper Tier Tribunal and the higher courts in asylum cases and are able to provide advice and guidance to clients if a further appeal to the Upper Tier Tribunal or higher courts becomes necessary.

In some asylum cases, we are able to help clients on legal aid, which means that some or all the costs related to their asylum case could be met by public funds.

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