The Home Office detains thousands of people under immigration powers each year.

If you are in detention, you may be entitled to bail unless some of following reasons apply:

  • Your removal from the UK is imminent or
  • You are likely to abscond and/or not meet conditions of your release or
  • You are a threat to the public (this argument is usually put forward by the Home Office in cases where the detainee has been convicted of a criminal offence)
  • You do not have a suitable address to be released to or suitable sureties

We regularly make successful bail applications to immigration tribunals and Chief Immigration Officers in order to get our clients released from immigration detention. Through our careful preparation and attention to detail in bail matters, we have managed to obtain bail for clients where other firms have repeatedly failed.

If you are in detention and wish to make a bail application, please contact us as we may be able to help you. In some bail cases, we are able to help clients on legal aid, which means that some or all the cost related to your bail case could be met by public funds. 

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