General Visa Applications

Lawyers at ITN can help you with any aspect of your immigration status or application.

Extending your application

If your existing visa is due to expire, we can advise you on applying for an extension or renewing your visa. We can assist you with all aspects of the process including advising you on the requirements of the rules that need to be satisfied and of all the documents you would need to submit. If you need your visa quickly, we provide a fast-track service and can arrange for premium service appointments.

Varying your application

If you have already submitted an immigration application, it is possible to vary your application before the Home Office have made a decision on your application. You will only need to pay the difference in the respective application fees, if any. This may be applicable for example where your circumstances have changed and there is an application which better reflects your circumstances.

Switching into another immigration category

It is possible to ‘‘switch’’ from one particular type of leave to remain in the UK to another visa category. For example, we have helped those on the ten-year route to settlement to switch into the 5 year route to settlement. We have also helped those on spouse, work or student visas to switch into other suitable categories.

It is important to note that immigration rules do not allow switching in relation to certain visa categories and making an incorrect switching application can not only result in considerable expense but often dire immigration consequences. The switching rules are complex and it is important to properly understand the rules or use a specialist lawyer when making such an application. We have a great deal of expertise in helping clients navigate through the complex switching rules and are often available at very short notice to provide necessary assistance to clients.

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