ITN Solicitors have an outstanding reputation in advising organisations and representing people accused of offences under counter-terrorism legislation

ITN Solicitors are recognised as one of this country's leading specialist terrorism defence lawyers. We have successfully represented defendants in many of the UK’s terrorism prosecutions.

Our clients have included defendants accused of participating in 21/7, Operation Crevice and the plot to assassinate the British Prime Minister. ITN’s work in this area is also conducted abroad and we are often consulted by lawyers requesting assistance in this area of law from across the globe.

We have advised University lecturers, journalists and many United Kingdom and overseas organisations in respect of the impact of law developed during the 'war on terror'.

Lawyers from ITN regularly lecture and conduct seminars on terrorism legislation and the impact the 'War on Terror' has had on the Muslim community in the UK and abroad.

Our lawyers have acted in many notable cases including:

R v SL & JL (2017) – Supreme Court 
Representation of the mother and father of accused of sending money to their son in Syria in circumstances where there was reasonable cause to suspect that the money might be used for terrorist purposes.

R v MA, AAS, YAS (2017)
Representation of three of the defendants in what is known as the “teenage terror plot”.

R  v RH (2016/2017)
Representation of a defendant in an alleged terrorist plot case.

R v MAA (2016)
Representation of a British man accused of providing funding to the Belgium terrorist known as ‘the man in the hat’ following CCTV footage being released of him following a terrorist attack at a Belgium airport.

R v MD
Representation of man accused of fraud in order to fund terrorist acts.

R -v- QA
Representation of QA who was acquitted of the allegation that he had undertaken preparatory acts to give rise to his intention to commit acts of terrorism.

R -v- IA
Representation of IA in the prosecution of the men accused of planning and carrying out the 21 July 2005 attack on the London transport system 

R -v- RA     
Representation of Rangzieb Ahmed who alleges UK complicity in his torture. Rangzieb alleges that he had his finger nails ripped from his hands whilst being questioned in Pakistan immediately before being sent back to the UK and being prosecuted.

R v SA – Operation Crevice
Representation of SA who accuses the UK authorities of being complicit in his illegal detention and torture prior to being prosecuted in the UK for terrorism offences

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