ITN solicitors are experienced at handling criminal appeals, whether to the Court of Appeal, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the Supreme Court or the European Court of Human Rights.

The effect of a wrongful conviction can be devastating. Those on the receiving end often find it difficult to know who to turn to for help.

We can advise on whether grounds may exist to appeal your conviction.

Simon Natas, who runs our appeals department, is well known for his work on joint enterprise and the part he played in the Supreme Court appeal of R v Jogeewhich saw the law reformed after a thirty-two year “wrong turn”.

If you have been convicted after a Crown Court trial, you may have grounds to appeal to the Court of Appeal. However, the Court of Appeal will not overturn a conviction unless it is possible to demonstrate that the conviction was “unsafe” because an error was made at trial or fresh evidence is available.

Your trial lawyers will usually have given advice after conviction. We may be able to provide a second opinion. Sometimes, new evidence can come to light months or even years after conviction. We can examine this evidence and advise as to whether it could be used to mount an appeal. We may even be able to help you find that evidence in the first place.

If the Court of Appeal has already turned down your appeal, it will only look at the case again if referred by the CCRC. Although the CCRC carries out its own investigations, we can help you to persuade the CCRC to take the case on in the first place and ensure that it looks at the right issues. We can also help you to challenge a refusal by the CCRC to refer a case to the Court of Appeal.

Some public funding is available for appellate work. If you are considering private funding for a potential appeal or CCRC case, we will seek to provide a realistic quotation.

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