Nadeem Thanvi

Nadeem Thanvi

Nadeem is the firm’s Managing Partner. He specialises in cases of complex fraud, business crime and other serious offences including firearm, drugs and homicide. Recognised as a leading lawyer in Chambers and Partners, Nadeem is noted for his vast experience, tactical acumen and an exhaustive approach to case preparation. He brings a rare level of personal commitment to his cases, running a bespoke service for each client.

Nadeem’s expertise in financial crime ranges from multi-million pound conspiracies to defraud, including ‘boiler room’ and  ‘missing trader’ frauds through to immigration and benefit frauds and large scale money laundering.  He acts in cases brought by financial regulatory agencies and has advised in many complex and high value confiscation cases, many of which he has successfully defended by establishing that his clients’ assets were the proceeds of legitimate business income.

Nadeem has also acted in a number of high profile cases involving organised crime, including large scale drug supply and firearms offences. He is particularly known for defending in murder cases. Nadeem’s extraordinarily high record of acquittals in murder trials speaks to the depths of his expertise in this area.

Nadeem has a multi-jurisdictional element to his practice and represents and foreign nationals and companies in respect of their activities in the UK as well as representing foreign nationals in extradition proceedings.
Recent examples of Nadeem’s business crime and fraud work include R v B, B and others, a multi-million pound tax evasion and boiler room investment fraud; R v M, a missing trader VAT fraud; R v G, in which he secured the acquittal of a charity worker accused of large scale immigration fraud.

Highlights of Nadeem’s recent homicide/organised crime work includes R v F, in which he secured the acquittal of client in two sets of linked proceedings, the first involving conspiracy to murder a British man in Pakistan by way of a hitman and the second, his alleged possession of an arsenal of firearms and large amounts of heroin. 

Prominent Cases

Business Crime/Fraud
  • R v D and D: Represented a Property Developer and his wife in a large scale nationwide 16 handed insurance fraud which was heard at St. Albans Crown Court. Even though our clients had no defence to the charges they faced, we were successfully able to contest multi-million pound confiscation proceedings where the client and his family were facing the effective loss of their entire property portfolio.
  • R v R: Successfully contested multi-million pound confiscation proceedings following case of organised crime operation dealing hard drugs in the City. Client had been represented at trial by another firm of solicitors and had been convicted of Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs. He transferred representation after trial seeking our expertise in confiscation cases where again he faced the loss of what we were ultimately able to prove were the multi-million pound proceeds of legitimate business income rather than crime.
  • R v W: Elaborate large scale fraud diverting vast amounts of client money into concealed suspense accounts by a Director and Compliance Officer of a major European bank based in the City.
  • R v B: Multi-million pound money laundering by a conveyancing solicitor in South London acting on behalf of international drugs ring. Our client was found not guilty of all charges after trial.
  • R v A: Court interpreter in expansive multi-handed conspiracy to defraud HM Court Service and commit perjury
  • R V D: Represented client charged with multi-million pound Conspiracy to Money Launder involving International Money Exchange Businesses where defence involved issues of “Hawala” banking systems
  • R v K: Represented defendant charged with Money Laundering which again involves defence surrounding legitimacy of transactions under the “Hawala” banking system
  • Organised Crime and Homicide
  • R v D: Successfully represented central defendant in a 5 handed drug related gang murder where evidence suggested our client had summoned an armed gang to his defence in a conflict with another local group of drug dealers. Despite others being convicted our client was acquitted of murder.
  • R v M: Successfully defended a 16 year old boy facing one count of murder of a community elder even where our client had been armed with a knife and admitted stabbing the deceased once through his heart. The defendant was acquitted of the one count of murder he faced.
  • R v S: Successfully defended client charged with murder after it was alleged that he was part of a gang responsible for numerous robberies in South London one of which led to the death of the victim. The defendant was acquitted of the one count of murder he faced.
  • R v P: Represented client in a high profile conspiracy to murder in South London involving “super grass”. Successfully secured bail and then successfully applied to dismiss all charges against our client at a very early stage.
  • R v S: Client with alleged links to Russian mafia charged with the murder of a Russian prostitute. The defendant was acquitted of murder
  • R v M: Represented client facing counts of murder, violent disorder and conspiracy to commit GBH after revenge attack on a youth by a gang in Central London. At trial, all charges against this defendant were dismissed.
  • R v B: Acted for 2 clients in multi-handed drug related gang murder in East London where both clients were acquitted of murder despite others being found guilty.
  • R v C: Represented a client charged with one other of a murder of a fellow resident in a YMCA in East London. Our client was acquitted of all charges after trial.
  • R v G: Murder of wife in first City of London murder investigation for several decades. Acquitted.
  • R v N: Acting for 15 year old youth in trial for murder of 16 year old girl where client was alleged to be operating gun store from his home for the London Fields gang. Client acquitted of possessing firearms with intent to endanger life.
  • R v A: Our client was one of two youths charged with manslaughter after forcibly claiming rent from a tenant. Our client was acquitted of all charges after trial.
  • R v H: Gang related murder where H ultimately received non-custodial sentence for violent disorder
  • R v J and J: East London gang kidnapping for ransom where our clients were charged with several others in a conspiracy to kidnap, commit false imprisonment and to blackmail. Both clients were acquitted of all charges despite many others being convicted.
  • R v A: 6 handed kidnap/false imprisonment/ assault and perverting the course of justice in Canterbury Crown Court involving alleged organised crime gang involved in credit card “skimming”. Our client was acquitted of all charges.
  • R v S: Extradition to Poland exceptionally discharged after failure of Polish Authorities to remove defendant from UK expeditiously.