Police Investigation

What to expect

The Police will interview anyone under suspicion of committing a sexual offence. This will be done either following arrest or voluntarily. Once an interview has taken place, it is likely that the Police will need time to complete their investigation. If under arrest, a person will be released on bail or released under investigation (known as RUI). If released on bail there may be conditions attached to your bail.

Once the investigation is complete, the officer in the case will present the evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service who will make a decision on whether charges are brought.


What we do

We are most frequently instructed at the critical early stages of an investigation when efforts are being made to avoid police involvement or with a view to avoiding charges being brought. We maintain close contact with the officer leading the investigation and we take a proactive approach so that the police are clear, from the moment that we get involved, that you have vital information that needs to be heard.

We provide proactive advice from the early stages of a case. This includes challenging the legality of investigative powers, advising on and challenging bail conditions and making pre-charge representations to the police and prosecuting authorities.

We can present essential written representations, to the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, detailing why the case should not proceed. We believe this early intervention can make the difference between being charged and no further action being taken so that you can get on with your life. If this proves impossible then we continue to fight fearlessly for you and continue to fully prepare you and your case for trial, taking every step necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for you in court.


Our advice

Once an allegation is made, the steps then taken at that early stage can often dictate how well you are able to defend the allegation against you if it develops into a court case later. It is therefore vitally important to have specialist legal representation when attending an interview under caution with the Police whether that be a voluntary interview or an interview following arrest. There are no informal conversations with police when you have been accused of a sexual offence. You must ensure you seek specialist advice. We provide that essential specialist, strategic advice that you will need before, during and after police interview.

Following police interview, we will continue to manage your case. We will advise you whether representations should be made to the Crown Prosecution Service in order to put you in the strongest position when a charging decision is being made.

We will ensure that throughout the investigation your legal rights and interests are promoted and protected so that you are in the best possible position to deal with the allegations you face.