What to expect

If you have been convicted before the Magistrates’ Court you can appeal your conviction to the Crown Court and have your case reheard.

If you were convicted before the Crown Court there is no automatic right of appeal. Appealing your conviction will only be possible if we find grounds to show why the conviction is ‘unsafe’. Grounds of appeal can then be set out in writing to the Court of Appeal. A single judge at the Court of Appeal will decide whether or not the application will have a reasonable chance of succeeding and decide if your case should be argued before the full Court.


What we do

We provide expert advice on the available routes of appealing against your conviction and/or sentence and the chances of success.

If you have already been advised there are no grounds of appealing a conviction from the Crown Court we can assist in providing a focused and realistic second opinion in writing by considering all aspects of your case.


Our advice     

Not every case can be appealed however if you think you may want to appeal a conviction, you seek advice immediately as time limits will apply. Even if the time limit has expired you may still be able to seek leave to appeal out of time.