What to expect

A Court Martial has the jurisdiction to try any criminal offence, which includes sexual offences. It is very similar in its sentencing powers and procedure to the civilian Crown Court. In addition, anyone subject to Service law may be tried by the Court Martial for all disciplinary offences, while civilians subject to Service discipline may be tried by the Court Martial for a restricted list of disciplinary offences. It can also deal with appeals from the Service Civilian Court.


What we do

We have considerable experience of representing military personnel accused of serious sexual offences facing Court Martial. Please see our Court Proceedings section for further information on how we can help when charged with a sexual offence.


Our advice

If you are accused of a sexual offence and face Court Martial you should seek expert legal representation. Cases of a sexual nature require a specialist approach and we can provide the necessary strategic advice and assistance to ensure you get the best result.