Itpal Dhillon

Itpal Dhillon

Itpal specialises in defending  the most serious and complex criminal cases including terrorism, murder, drug trafficking  and firearms related offences. She also has extensive experience in dealing with business frauds, money laundering, complex confiscation, and extradition matters.

Itpal has extensive knowledge of counter-terrorism legislation, and the law surrounding fraud and confiscation. She is known for her dedication, meticulous case preparation and her excellent track record in securing acquittals.

Prominent Cases

  • R V D: Representation of client who was successfully acquitted of a charge under the Terrorism Act for alleging attempting to travel to Syria/Iraq for Terrorist purposes. The Defence involved allegations of torture at the behest of the British Security Services, and of the inappropriate collusion between West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit and MI5.
  • R V A: Successful representation of client who allegedly breached the terms of his TPIM (Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures) notice. The Crown offered no evidence prior to trial on the basis of representations made by the Defence.
  • R V A: Represented client subject to a TPIM Notice who was charged with witness intimidation at a local Mosque. Client was found not guilty after trial.
  • R V A: Represented client charged with a large scale Fraud. The matter was investigated by the Counter Terrorism Unit on the basis that money was being used to fund Terrorism. Following submissions, the allegation regarding funding of Terrorism was removed from all evidence put before the Jury
  • R V J: Represented client charged with Murder based on an allegation of a group revenge attack following the death of a friend.
  • R V M: Represented client charged with Murder based on an allegation that the Murder had been committed because of an outstanding debt.
  • R V P: Represented client who was charged with Possession of a Firearm. Successful application in demonstrating “exceptional circumstances” existed.
  • R V M: Successful application to dismiss an allegation of Conspiracy to Rob. The case involved an allegation that our client, a branch manager of Phones 4 U, had conspired to commit a large scale robbery of phones during opening hours. The total value of the robbery was over £40,000
  • R V G: Represented one of nine charged with Conspiracy to Breach UK Immigration Laws. The allegation related to a bogus charity that had been set up and over a two and half year period issued visas to migrant workers based on false information. Client was found not guilty.
  • R V C: Successful representation of client charged with Conspiracy to Defraud. It was alleged that our client had advised and completed applications for work visas, despite not being registered with the OISC. The allegation spanned over a period of a year and involved numerous applications. Client was found not guilty
  • R V B: Representation of clients in a multi million pound Boiler room Fraud involving Carbon Credit.
  • R V B: Representation of multiple clients charged with Conspiracy to Defraud estimated at 4 million pounds involving the buying and selling of Land.
  • R V H: Successfully represented client charge with Money Laundering offences valued at 2.8 millions pounds. Following strong representations and service of expert evidence the Crown did not proceed to trial.
  • R V N: Representation of client who was acquitted of Rape, following a successful application to dismiss charges of Kidnap and False Imprisonment.
  • R V C: Representation of client charged with sexual offences. Although the Home Office failed to recognise our client as a victim of Human Trafficking, we were able to work with our Immigration department and challenge this decision, which finally led to a High Court finding that she is such a victim. We then successfully challenged the decision of the Crown to continue prosecuting our client by working with our Public Law department who began Judicial Review proceedings. Following our letter before claim the Crown offered no evidence.
  • R V C: Extradition proceedings discharged against our client following a successful application that it was an Abuse of the Court process to extradite.