Inquest concludes that failings at HMP Chelmsford probably contributed to death of vulnerable inmate


ITN represented the family of Lance Clark, a vulnerable inmate at HMP Chelmsford, in the inquest into his death from self-harm injuries in November 2019.

The inquest, which is the subject of a recent article in the Guardian and a press release by charity INQUEST, concluded that prison and mental health staff did not manage Mr Clark's known risk of self harm appropriately, and this probably contributed to his death. Issues identified included failing to properly consider whether it was appropriate for Mr Clark to have access to razor blades, given his known risk of self-harm. Mr. Clark later used a razor blade to inflict the injury which led to his death.

Mr Clark's family were assisted by Sam Hall, Gabrielle Law and William Kenyon of ITN Solicitors, and Tom Stoate of Doughty Street Chambers. Support was also provided by INQUEST.

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