William Kenyon

William Kenyon

William is an experienced litigator, who specialises in upholding the rights of those who come into contact with the criminal justice system. William’s practice covers prison law, actions against prisons, actions against the police, judicial review and inquests. Some of the notable cases that William has been involved in are detailed below.

William is a member of the Association of Prison Lawyers, the Police Action Lawyers Group and the Inquest Lawyers Group. William spent a number of years at Coninghams Solicitors before joining ITN in January 2017.

William is the Head of the Prison Law Department at ITN Solicitors. He frequently represents inmates before the Parole Board and at adjudications. He has an enviable success rate when it comes to securing the release of his clients and the dismissal of disciplinary proceedings. He is able to advise on the broad spectrum of issues effecting the rights of those in custody. For further information, please see our Prison Law page.

Prominent Cases

  • A v Ministry of Justice (2017) – claim brought on behalf of an inmate who was assaulted by his high risk cell mate. The claim settled for a four figure sum.
  • B v Ministry of Justice (2016) – claim brought on behalf of an inmate, alleging racism on the part of prisoners and prison officers in breach of the Equality Act and Human Rights Act. The claim settled at trial for a five figure sum.
  • C v Ministry of Justice (2016) – claim brought on behalf of an inmate assaulted by other inmates in the High Security Estate. The claim settled for a five figure sum.
  • D v Ministry of Justice (2016) – High Court claim brought on behalf of an inmate who had boiling oil poured over him by a group of inmates in a High Security Prison. The claim settled for a five figure sum.
  • E v Ministry of Justice (2015) – claim for false imprisonment after a failure to release an inmate from custody.
  • F v Kent Constabulary (2014) – claim for unlawful arrest and false imprisonment. Substantial damages obtained on behalf of client.
  • G v Surrey Police (2012) – claim for unlawful arrest, false imprisonment, misfeasance in public office and assault.  Substantial damages obtained.
  • R (Scott Henley-Smith) v Secretary of State for Justice [2017] EWHC 1948 (Admin) -  challenge to the release test for inmates sentenced to Imprisonment for Public Protection ("IPP") - http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2017/1948.html
  • R (H) v The Parole Board (2013) – successful challenge securing an oral hearing before the Parole Board.
  • R (I) v Secretary of State for Justice (2012) – successful challenge to a review of an inmate’s Category A status, achieving a fresh review.
  • Representation of the families of the deceased at several inquests which concerned the criminal justice system.  The inquests involved a detailed analysis of the adequacy of the steps taken by the Prison Service, the police and mental health trusts, and the measures that should have been taken in order to prevent death.