When someone is the victim of a crime they naturally expect the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to work tirelessly to put the perpetrator before the Courts. Unfortunately, victims can come away highly dissatisfied and sometimes traumatised by the process. ITN Solicitors can work with you to assert your rights and seek justice.

We assist clients who have been the victims of physical and sexual abuse or who have suffered discrimination but have not received the help from the authorities that they need.  We also assist clients who have been the victim of a crime after warning the police of the threat to them. 

Holding the state to account in cases like this is not only about the individual who has been failed but can also lead to improved policies and training which ensure that victims are protected the future. 

Bringing a case to Court normally has to happen fairly quickly.  Legal Aid is often available for these kinds of cases depending on the seriousness of the issues. 

Lochlinn Parker, the Head of Civil Liberties, will be able to advise you on how best we can assist help.


Recent cases

  • Asserting the rights of victim of child abuse who was repeatedly let down by poor and incomplete police investigations that meant the perpetrator was not prosecuted for a number of years;
  • A challenge to the Crown Prosecution Service for failing to prosecute a person for a religiously aggravated offence; and
  • Assisting a family who have been subjected to continued anti-social behaviour to have the perpetrator investigated, and for the officers to be put through the disciplinary process.

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