Civil Actions against the Police and State Bodies

State bodies have significant powers to detain you and use force. These powers must be used carefully and only as a last resort.  The state also has an obligation to investigate thoroughly when you have been a victim of crime or when mistakes have been made. In either case, you may need the help of a lawyer to fight your corner. ITN Solicitors has a reputation for fighting hard on behalf of our clients to obtain accountability and redress.

We have extensive experience in holding the state to account, whether you have been arrested in your neighbourhood or at a protest or if you have been assaulted in prison or unlawfully detained under immigration powers.

We work with clients to challenge misconduct and wrongdoing by police officers/forces from across the country, as well as the prison service, immigration detention centres, the Home Office, multi-national companies who work in behalf of the government, and others. 

We regularly fight cases on behalf of people who have been wrongfully arrested, assaulted or prosecuted unfairly, subject to discrimination or an unlawful breach of their human rights.  We also act against officers who deliberately abuse their powers (misfeasance).  We have significant experience in Data Protection issues and the freedom of information. 

We can also assist you if you have been let down by the police or Crown Prosecution Service as a victim of crime.  Please see our Victims’ Rights page

We advise clients in complaint and misconduct proceedings when seeking to have an officer or staff member disciplined for their wrong doing.  See the Complaints page.

We represent bereaved families whose loved one has died in custody or at the hands of the state, through the inquest process and in civil claims on behalf of the deceased’s estate and for family members themselves.  Please see the Inquest and Inquiries page.

In addition, we challenge the decisions of state bodies through the judicial review process.  See the Public Law page for more details.

Securing financial compensation is rarely the main priority for our clients, but this is often the available remedy.  You may also seek an apology, an admission or finding of wrongdoing, the re-writing of policy and procedure, or the deletion of DNA/other data from police/government databases.

There can be very short time lines for bringing cases to court depending on your case.  Legal Aid is available in many cases.  If you are ineligible for Legal Aid we may be able to assist you on a ‘no win no fee’ agreement or on privately paying basis.

See also the Right to Protest and the Football pages.


Recent cases

  • A successful High Court challenge to the use of anti-social dispersal powers which led to a redrafting of the guidance for police officers;
  • Secured compensation and a written apology from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police for protestors who were assaulted with CS spray by a police officer;
  • The disciplining of an officer who assaulted a football supporter;
  • Settled a claim for two young men arrested after being wrongly accused of stealing from their state employer.  This included a substantial award for loss of earnings;
  • Ensured that data of an arrest of a 12 year old boy would never be disclosed after the successful settlement of his civil claim; and
  • Removed a caution from a person’s record because it was unlawfully given;
  • Obtained the release of a refugee from immigration detention and secured an award of damages.

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