Following the breakdown of a relationship, it is common that one parent may wish to relocate abroad with a child/children. It is however necessary to have the consent of the other parent holding parental responsibility if you are planning a temporary and/or more permanent relocation abroad.

ITN’s specialist family lawyers have experience in acting for parents who wish to move abroad with their children as well as acting for parents who oppose the relocation. We provide clear, tailored advice based on our knowledge and experience of the law relating to children and families.

Child Abduction

If a child is removed from your care and taken abroad or retained abroad without your permission, this is known as child abduction. If a child is also taken out of your care and control without your consent whilst you have the day to day care of that child, this is also known as child abduction. Matters relating to child abduction are often time sensitive and stressful and legal advice needs to be sought urgently. There are different processes which apply depending on whether a child has been abducted within England and Wales or abroad. If a child has been abducted abroad, the protection available will depend on whether the child has been abducted to a country within the Hague Convention or instead to a non-Hague convention country.

This is a complex area of law and ITN’s family lawyers will provide you with advice on cases of child abduction and the appropriate procedure required. We can assist with applications to the Central Authority and advise on the protection available to secure the safe and prompt return of your child. We can also advise when a child has been brought to this country without the consent of the other parent.  Our family team have experience in dealing with cases relating to countries within the Hague Convention and outside of the Hague Convention.

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