Domestic Abuse

People who are in abusive relationships or suffering abuse or threats can apply for a Non-Molestation Order to protect themselves and their children. Applications can also be made for an Occupation Order to regulate the occupation of the family home.  In certain circumstances, the Orders can be applied for on an emergency basis and in these cases, we aim to see you on the same day. These Orders can only be made against adults who are or have been in an intimate relationship, members of the same family or household.

Forced marriage

If a marriage takes place without the full consent of one or both parties involved, then this is a forced marriage. Forced marriages are an abuse of a person’s human rights. Forced marriages are different from arranged marriages. The Family Department at ITN Solicitors have expertise in this niche area of law and are able to provide advice and support and act urgently where required, if it is suspected that an individual may be a victim of forced marriage.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

This is a niche area of law and members of the Family Department have experience in advising clients where there has been a risk of FGM. We are able to advise clients of protective measures available to prevent a child at risk of FGM or represent clients where there have been unfounded allegations that a child is at risk of such a practise.

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