Wajid Manzoor

Wajid Manzoor

Wajid joined ITN Solicitors as a Solicitor within the Crime Department in January 2020.

Wajid has experience in litigating cases relating to serious general crime, murder, manslaughter, assault related matters, robbery, drug offences, Domestic Violence Protection Order Applications, sexual offences and protest work.

Wajid is also duty solicitor qualified and undertakes advocacy in the magistrates and youth courts. Wajid is known for being a great communicator with his clients and having the ability to evaluate cases efficiently and provide clear advice upon the circumstances.

I feel so fortunate to have my solicitor Wajid, his very professional, he help me through my case. I have always felt happy and comfortable to be around my solicitor, and he have helped me so much.

Prominent Cases

R v AK [2017] – Central Criminal Court - Conspiracy group of 13 defendant’s involved in Sham Marriages, whereby non EU nationals married EU national in order to obtain citizenship. Represented the Leading Defendant in the case alleged to have orchestrated the Sham operation with his partner. Thousands of pages of material were scrutinised, instructed leading computer experts instructed to review electronic material most of which formed the key basis of the prosecution case. Given Wajid's detailed case schedule created of the evidence and indepth knowledge about the case Wajid was able to advise the client on all aspects of the evidence against him directly or indirectly. When taking instructions from the Defendant Wajid was able to automatically assess whether there were discrepancies to what the prosecution evidence showed.

R v SR [2017] – Salisbury CC – 14 defendant case represented 1 defendant alleged to have been a courier for the large county line conspiracy to supply class A drugs between the midlands, London and Gloucester area – evaluation of thousands of pages of case material including cell site, message interactions and CCTV. Again Wajid was able to create a detailed case schedule and also gain in depth knowledge into the case to advise the client of the evidence. Again working with cell site experts to verify movements based upon client’s instructions and obtain statements from others the defendant associated with to provide a background into her encounter with the alleged main leader of the conspiracy to justify her movements and actions.

R v TA [ 2018] – Birmingham CC – Murder incident following an altercation during a amateur boxing match a brawl began within the building where racial words had been used, tables and chairs thrown around. The brawl spilt out to the high street. Following analysis of various angles of CCTV and enhancements as part of the defence case Wajid was able to provide a timeline of movements of certain individuals required that attacked the defendant. Upon an attendance on the defendant a defensive mark was identified, and an expert issued to review this. It was the defence case that this defensive wound was from a sharp item such as a knife. Reviewing CCTV and site attendance we were able to ascertain the knife had been used initially to attack the defendant who used his hand to defend/block the knife attack, the knife fell to the floor and the defendant armed himself with the knife to avoid further attack. Medical evidence was also obtained in relation to the defendant’s Cavus foot which affected the way he left the scene, this was also the reason for then hitting the deceased from behind once with the knife, the knife penetrated the juglar and the deceased passed away. The defendant left the country and was extradited back to the UK. The defendant was acquitted of murder and convicted of manslaughter.