Lucy Ffrench

Associate Solicitor

Lucy Ffrench is a highly experienced solicitor-advocate.  She achieves great results due to her approach, which is both painstaking and proactive.

Over her 25 years in criminal defence she has conducted cases as a litigator across the whole range of offences;  and she has conducted  a wide range of cases as an advocate as well, appearing in the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.  She has held Higher Rights of Audience since 2009.

Lucy trained and then practiced with a large criminal firm in the East End before moving away from the capital. She joined ITN’s criminal team in 2021 and is very pleased to be back in London.

Prominent Cases

'Impressive and well-argued submissions' - Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal

'I honestly appreciate the way you represented me in the court. How much competence, professionalism, non-judgmentalism, engagement you have shown. Furthermore, I appreciate your overall attitude as well.' - Client testimonial

'I’m very lucky – you did an amazing job' - Client testimonial


'You were a great help – thank you' - Client testimonial

'Thank you so much for all of your great efforts, you have made a huge positive difference in my world…(You) reassured me on so many levels' - Client testimonial

'You help people – and you helped save our son' - Client testimonial

'I know it has been a while since it all happened, I just wanted to say thank you so much Lucy for everything you did for me during that difficult period and even though I may have been a headache (probably was) you still continue with me to the end and thank God the outcome was what it was' - Client testimonial