Andrew Morris

Solicitor Advocate
Andrew Morris

Andrew is an experienced criminal advocate specialised in defence in complex crime. He is regularly instructed to advise and represent defendants charged with serious offences, including serious violence (GBH/ABH), murder, serious sexual offences and terrorism. He has undertaken notable civil proceedings in the High Court, including judicial review and case stated appeals. He has also appeared ina number of reported cases in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) for appeals against conviction and sentence.  

In 2016 Andrew was appointed to the Law Society Advocacy Section committee advising on training and engagement for solicitor advocates. He is a Law Society approved trainer for the cross examination of vulnerable witnesses in court.
In 2016 he undertook a round table discussion for the Law Society concerning solicitor advocacy within the justice system.
Andrew has also advised the Criminal Cases Review Commission on appeals against conviction for historic sexual abuse cases, most notably in 2016 advising on fresh medical evidence and guidance of medical examinations of child witnesses.
In 2014, Andrew represented a number of Afghan interpreters seeking asylum who had worked with the British army. He wrote on the subject and was interviewed by the Times, BBC radio and the Law Society Gazette.

Prominent Cases

R-v- A [2018] Crown Court

Successful application to dismiss in 7 Defendant multi million pound drugs and firearms importation from France.

R-v- B [2018] Leeds Crown Court

Successful application to dismiss in 10 Defendant  complex conspiracy to defraud valued over £200,000.

R-v- A [2018] Snaresbrook Crown Court

Multiple historic sexual offences within family environment. Both Defendant and Complainant required use of intermediaries at trial.

R-v- A [2017] Central Criminal Court

Section 5 Terrorism. Vulnerable defendant  with low IQ stopped on the Turkish border attempting to join Islamic State.

R-v- U [2017] Central Criminal Court

Conspiracy to Kidnap. Multi handed trial, where allegation involved the use of weapons and held hostage for over 7 hours.

R-v- P [2017] Central Criminal Court

Attempted Murder. Complainant in a persistent vegetative state with severe life changing stab wounds

R-v- B

Defended in trial for rape, assault by penetration and sexual assault in the absence of the Defendant. This case involved expert evidence on DNA and saliva.

R- v- C

Defended in historic sexual abuse case involving multiple offences including rape, Sexual activity with a child, rape of a child under 13.

R-v-J & others

Operation Bullfinch a 4-month 9-defendant trial at the Central Criminal Court. This case involved the systematic grooming of young girls in the Oxford area. The case had over 30000 pages of unused material and involved complex areas of bad character and cross-examination on sexual history. This case attracted a large amount of national press and public attention.

R-v-K [2019]

Kingston Crown Court


Represented Defendant acquitted of charge contrary to Section 17 Terrorism Act 2000. Defendant alleged to have sold a knife to another knowing or having reasonable cause to suspect that it would or might be used for the purposes of Terrorism.


R-v-S [2019]

Southwark Crown Court


Defendant nurse charged with breach of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 after administering incorrect medication. Charge was discontinued after service of abuse of process application on failure to follow CPS policy guidance.


R-v-A [2018]

Woolwich Crown Court


Represented Defendant charged contrary to Section 5 Terrorism Act 2006, alleged to have been planning to travel to Syria to join Islamic State.

  • DPP v Davidson [2015] Appeal by case stated on point of law concerning the application of Cunningham recklessness and whether the lower court applied the correct test;
  • R v Nicholson [2014] EWCA Crim 2710 Successful appeal against sentence where the Appellant was sentenced to consecutive terms of imprisonment over the maximum for the prescribed offence;
  • R v Hyde & Love [2013] EWCA Crim 257 Archbold 2016 1-232 Appeal against conviction on the grounds that the Judge did not have the power to vacate a plea entered in the Crown Court except on application by the Defendant;
  • R v G & F [2012] EWCA Crim 1756 Archbold 2016 4-365 Junior Counsel in an appeal against conviction. The judgement sets down important principles concerning the advocates approach to making half-time submissions in criminal cases and bad character. Andrew conducted the trial in the Crown Court and many of his initial submissions to the trial judge were upheld on appeal. This is now a leading judgement for half time submissions;
  • R v Bland [2012] EWCA Crim 664 Junior Counsel with Richard Latham QC in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. Successful appeal against sentence and the reduction of a sentence of imprisonment for public protection to extended sentence;
  • R v Fra Marron [2011] EWCA Crim 792 Defended the first HMRC prosecution for conspiracy to supply class A drugs, involving the importation of phenacetin. This case was referred to the full Court of Appeal on a novel point of law;
  • Ali v DPP [2009] EWHC 3353 (Admin) Archbold 2016 19-332 Case stated appeal from the Crown Court. This case is now a leading case dealing with the powers of constables when assisting other officers to affect an arrest;
  • DPP v Bennett [2012] EWHC 371 (Admin) Archbold 2016 1-275 Case stated appeal on behalf of the Applicant. This case dealt with the issue of time limits in the issuing of summons in for prosecutions for benefit fraud;
  • R v Alary [2012] EWCA Crim 1534 Successful appeal against sentence. The Court overturned a sexual offences prevention Order and quashed terms that were deemed to be unlawful and unnecessary.