ITN Family Department acts for children in a case where Judge orders change of residence


ITN Solicitors acted for 3 children in a significant Family Court Care Case where a mother lost the right to care for her children as a result of coaching her children against their father.


During the proceedings the Judge heard expert evidence that the mother’s behaviour was “emotionally abusive and psychologically damaging”. The Judge, HHJ Atkins, ruled that a series of serious  but untrue allegations made by the mother about the father meant it was in the best interests of the children to change their permanent residence from that of the mother’s to that of the father’s.


The public law case was preceded by three sets of private law proceedings spanning over some seven years. These proceedings commenced following concerns raised by the Local Authority about the Mother’s attempts to alienate the children from their father.


HHJ Atkins ruled that the Children were to be moved to into their Father’s care under a ‘Child Arrangements Order- (Live with)’.


For further information, the link for the judgment can be found below.


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