Blog Post: The Shamima Begum effect: what next for the Syrian returnees?


The government’s recent introduction of a suite of new terrorism laws signals its increasingly hard-line stance towards British national foreign fighters and their children currently in Syria.

Against this backdrop, ITN Solicitors are pleased to announce that we will be holding a panel discussion exploring the legal realities facing British nationals following the fall of ISIS. Whether those nationals are in foreign custody, seeking to leave Syria or have found themselves in the quagmire of international stasis, numerous legal issues arise. We will also consider the challenges that can be brought against the restrictive measures imposed on those who have returned to the UK.

Our discussion will draw on our longstanding experience in national security matters, having brought the seminal and successful case on appealing deprivation of citizenship (G3 v SSHD) and in our work with clients facing restrictive measures such as passport revocations (MR v SSHD) and Temporary Exclusion Orders. We will also consider civil liability for UK involvement with mistreatment in detainees overseas.

We will be joined on the panel by leading barristers in the field of national security from Monckton and Blackstone Chambers, for what we hope will be an informative evening that will assist organisations working directly with clients facing these legal issues.

We will be in touch shortly with a date and location but we hope to see as many of you there as possible.



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