UPDATE: ICO Release Interim Report into the Use of Political Data & Facebook Face Fine


ICO finds ITN Solicitors work to be "profoundly important" to report on political data


The Information Commissioner has today released an interim report looking at the use of political data. That report includes an update on our complaint against Cambridge Analytica and associated companies on behalf of a US citizen, Professor David Carroll. The Commissioner found that the company was not in compliance with their Enforcement Notice and signalled an intention to bring criminal proceedings against the company.


In addition, the Commissioner filed a notice of intention to fine Facebook at the statutory maximum level, for apparent data breaches that led to personal data of 1 million British citizens being passed to Cambridge Analytica. We are instructed on behalf of a number of British citizens affected by the breach in a claim against Facebook. There are 1 million known users who have been affected. If you have been affected, please get in touch to ensure we can assist you with asserting your rights. You can find out if you have been affected here. We can make your data rights real and effective. Get in touch today.


We brought the first case against Cambridge Analytica and continue to assert our clients’ rights. As the Cambridge Analytica case shows, ITN Solicitors have taken a lead at the forefront of data rights protection. We are a leading firm in data protection and will continue to help individuals assert their rights. If you are concerned about a data breach, please contact us by using the links below to see if we can help.  


Contact ITN Solicitors Data Rights Department here


Contact Ravi Naik head of Data Rights at ITN here

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