Tayab Ali

Tayab Ali

Tayab is an internationally recognised and highly respected Solicitor Advocate whose practice encompasses criminal and civil/public law in both domestic and international jurisdictions.

Having a niche specialism in international law Tayab heads our diplomatic, political and international law department. 

Tayab is often retained by high profile clients seeking to protect their reputations against false public and criminal allegations.

His tenacity, unflinching commitment to his clients and outstanding work has resulted in him consistently being ranked as a leading lawyer by the Chambers legal directory which recently described him as "an irresistible force – he's fearless and he always gets the right results for his clients”. Tayab is rated as a Super Lawyer by Thompson Reuters and appears in the Civil Liberties category of the Legal 500.

Tayab was shorlisted as Human Rights Lawyer of the Year in the Law Society's Excellence Awards and nominated as Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year in the Society of Asian Lawyer Awards in 2017.

Many of Tayab’s cases are multi-jurisdictional or involve linked civil and criminal proceedings. He is one of the country’s leading authorities on counter-terrorism law, having acted in numerous high profile prosecutions over the last decade.

Tayab advises extensively on digital rights and data protection including data access and protection, official secrets, hacking, RIPA, schedule 7 TACT, protected material and national security. His clients have included journalists and IT specialists as well as defendants investigated under data and computer misuse laws.

He is also regarded as a leading expert in Universal Jurisdiction. Tayab has advised widely in this regard as well as bringing cases before the International Criminal Court and other international bodies including the United Nations and African Union.

Tayab has advised journalists and politicians, both in the UK and abroad, on matters of law and has made important contributions to public debates over counter-terrorism legislation, the prosecution of international crimes and the use of torture.

Tayab has an acute understanding of the important role the media can play in any legal strategy. As such, he is often retained in high profile cases involving sensitive political or human rights issues by clients in the UK and abroad.

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He is an irresistible force – he's fearless and he always gets the right results for his clients


Prominent Cases

(Please note that whilst some of the cases below are featured in news articles we have anonymised some of our client’s names in order to protect their identities)


Case of AB

Representation of a defendant in criminal investigation of alleged corporate computer hacking where it is alleged a commercial advantage was obtained following the hacking. Ongoing.

Case of BR

Representation of a former Mayor in respect of police investigations where allegations were made of election fraud. Not charged.

R v JJ

Successful representation of a nurse accused of manslaughter and health and safety breaches after a patient died following an abortion in a London clinic. Client was acquitted.

R v JC

Representation of property developer accused of large scale fraud in bogus international property development schemes. 

R v J

Representation of a defendant accused of murder where it was alleged that he was a professional hitman for a criminal organisation.

R  v K

Representation of a defendant accused of a property and mortgage fraud

R  v JK

Representation of a defendant and Company charged with corporate manslaughter following an explosion inside a petrol tanker which caused the death of an employee involved in welding the tanker.

R v S

Representation of a banker accused of fraud and money laundering involving super cars.

Counter Terrorism

Sally Lane & John Letts

Representation of defendants accused of sending money to their son who was is Syria. The CPS accuse the parents of sending money to their son where there is reasonable belief that the money is may be used to fund terrorism. Currently at the Supreme Court pre-trial to determine a legal point in the case.

R v Gul

Representation in the leading Supreme Court case which sought to determine the definition of terrorism in an international law context.

Amir Taaki

Representation of a prominent Bitcoin exchange developer and activist in a police investigation when he was arrested for allegations that he had assisted YPG fighters in Syria.


Representation of a defendant in the prosecution of men accused of conspiring to murder a police man or civilian in the streets of London.  It is said to be the largest ever investigation by the Counter Terrorism command, with over 2 million files inspected, the equivalent of over 75 miles of paper if printed. 

R v MD

Representation and acquittal of a defendant who had been accused of travelling to Syria/Iraq to join IS.  Our client was found in the back of the lorry at Dover and charged with two other defendants who were both convicted of the offence.  This was a highly sensitive matter which involved cross examination of police officers, especially pertaining to the practices of the Counter Terrorism/Security Services Command when investigated terror suspects.

R v AH

Representation of an individual charged with the disseminating terrorism publication on his Facebook page.  We successfully submitted that our client had been reckless in his dissemination and had not intentionally encouraged acts of terrorism.

R v MR

Representation of a defendant charged with breaching his terrorism notification order.

R v MB

Representation of a defendant who was suspected of having committed terrorism offences having returned from an unknown location abroad.  After seeking advice from us client was only charged with offences under the Fraud Act for which he received a non-custodial sentence.

R v AH

Representation of a defendant who was suspected of having committed terrorism offences having returned from an unknown location abroad.  After receiving advice from us our client was only charged with offences under the Fraud Act.

R v NE

Representation of a defendant charged with numerous counts of disseminating a terrorism publication. 

R v A and A and A

Representation of 3 defendants who were accused of hoaxing elderly citizens from their life savings with a view to sending this money to ISIS.


Representation of the defendant said to be the head of the British wing of IS with links to the Brussel Airport bombing in 2016 which killed 32 people. We successfully submitted a basis to the effect that our client was not a leading member and had in fact no connection to Brussels.

R v A

Representation of an individual who was prosecuted in relation to writing threatening communications to a French bookshop in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre

International Law and National Security


Legal advisor on international law matters to a leading American crypto-anarchist, free-market anarchist, and gun-rights activist, founder/director of Defense Distributed, a non-profit organization that develops and publishes open source gun designs.

Sarah Harrison

Legal advisor to British journalist and former section editor WikiLeaks


Representation of a journalist in respect of their obligations under section 38B of the Terrorism Act 2000 when the journalist obtained material which could have assisted in the apprehension of a terrorist.


Representation a journalist whose story led to potential liability under the Terrorism Act 2000 for interfering in government electronic systems.

Freedom & Justice Party

Lead international law advisor to the Egyptian Freedom & Justice Party following the coup that removed them from power in 2013. Tayab represent the FJP in their complaints at the International Criminal Court, African Commission of Human and Peoples Rights, European Union, United Nations and UK High Court. As a result of his instructions Tayab represented hundreds of Egyptian protestors who had been sentenced to death for participating in protests against the violent coup. Following an oral hearing at the African Commission in Gambia the death penalties were revised to life sentences by the Egyptian Courts.

Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt

Following the 2013 coup in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood retained Tayab to represent them. He advised and represented them the Prime Ministers review and following Foreign Affair Select Committee Inquiry into political Islam.

War Crimes

Representation of victims of war crimes in Palestine which led to the issuing of a private arrest warrant by a UK court for a former Israeli Minister.