Shirin Marker

Shirin Marker

Shirin Marker joined ITN Solicitors in October 2018. Her practice spans a range of public and public international law matters involving national security, data protection and modern slavery. She is experienced in bringing judicial reviews and civil claims against the state (including the Home Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Defence), representing victims of torture and rendition, individuals who have been deprived of their British citizenship and those subject to restrictive counter-terrorism measures. She also acts on behalf of victims of modern slavery in judicial review claims and in systemic challenges relating to trafficking policies. She is instructed by clients ranging from individuals to NGOs, and undertakes work on both a private and legally aided basis.


Shirin provides training and pro bono advice to NGOs, campaign groups and charities. She is a member of the Immigration Law Practitioner’s Association and the Police Action Lawyers Group.

Shirin has done a range of media appearances to discuss her cases, including for the BBC World Service and the Victoria Derbyshire show.  

Prominent Cases

- State accountability 

Damages claim against the UK government for its role in the detention and extraordinary rendition of an individual during the war on terror.

Assisting the cross-party parliamentary group, the Detention Review Panel, in scrutinising the detention conditions of women activist detainees in Saudi Arabia


- National security

Representing British nationals seeking to return to the UK from refugee camps in Syria  

Representing individuals in their appeals against the deprivation of their British citizenship

Challenges to restrictive counter-terrorism measures, including Temporary Exclusion Orders


-Data protection

Successfully challenging inclusions on the Disclosure and Barring Service’s Minded to Bar lists

Successful record-deletion applications to ACRO (the Police National Computer)

Damages claims in relation to breaches of the Data Protection Act 2018 by local authorities.


-Modern slavery

Challenging the police’s failure to refer victims of trafficking to the SCA

Challenging negative and conclusive grounds decisions



Representing Veronika Didusenko in her discrimination claim against Miss World