Montserrat Casadevall

Montserrat Casadevall

Montserrat is a defence solicitor with 13 years’ experience.

She has acted for clients at every stage of the criminal process, from police station to crown court. Montserrat also has particular expertise in defending clients with disabilities and mental health issues.

Montserrat is known for being a patient and thorough lawyer who will tenaciously pursue justice and defend her client’s interests.   

Prominent Cases

R-v-A A - Complex case of multiple rapes and sexual assaults on a minor over a prolonged period of time.  Appeal, Re-trial and Df’s acquittal

R –v- L M - Possession of Offensive Weapon.  Charges dismissed before Trial

R-v-HG - Possession of Offensive Weapon. Acquittal after 30 minutes deliberations!

R-v-ES -Possession with Intent to Supply -Finding that Defendant was victim of Modern Slavery.

R –v- SG - Possession with Intent to Supply Class A & B. After a guilty plea. Received only 6 months’ suspended sentence

R-v-Anne – Fraud case, Defendant deaf-mute with learning disabilities and mental health problems acquitted

R-v-SK - Murder case of French nanny widely reported internationally.  Stranger than Fiction documentary produced with an insight into the case