Three Ways to Protect Your Business From Fraud


Fraud is a serious crime that can devastate your business and many hackers are continually adapting their methods. This means that it’s important for businesses to be vigilant at all times, especially if your company handles sensitive information or customer’s personal details.


Luckily, there are several measures you can take to protect your business from hackers, cyber criminals and identity thieves, so read on to find out more.

Boost your online security

The majority of fraud and business crime is committed online, so it’s essential to ensure your online security is up to scratch. Install anti-spam software to filter out spam emails and viruses and make sure your Wi-Fi network is secure. Employees should also use secure passwords that are difficult to decipher and be encouraged to change them every 60 to 90 days.


It also helps to have a secure cloud system to back up files. If your system is unfortunately hacked, you’ll be able to safely restore the files without much downtime.

Employee background checks

Pre-employment checks are essential for many businesses, both to verify a potential employee’s skills and to ensure they have a legal right to work. Some checks require the consent of the individual first, so always check the regulations before going ahead. Employee background checks give many businesses added peace of mind that they’re employing trustworthy individuals who will protect the business and its reputation.

Add a secure entry system

A secure entry system allows you to monitor everyone who enters and exits the building for added peace of mind. It also keeps out unwanted visitors and you can restrict access to sensitive areas so that only senior staff can enter. Key card systems are one popular option and many systems also keep time stamped records of when employees clock in and out of the workplace.


Business fraud is a serious crime that can have a devastating effect on both you and your company. It’s important to take steps to protect your business, but what do you do if you’re the one accused of committing the crime? If you’ve been accused of committing fraud and need legal advice and representation, get in touch with the experts at ITN Solicitors. We can work with you to present the best possible defence and limit the damage caused, so give us a call today or contact us via our website to arrange an appointment.

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