Are You Seeking a Workers Visa? This is how a Solicitor can Help With Immigration Regulations


The UK is full of amazing opportunities for those wanting a better quality of life, greater employment opportunities and better workers rights, making it a popular location for migrants. But, before you can move it’s important that you follow legal procedures and get the right kind of UK visa for your situation.

Not everybody requires a workers visa application, however, since legal regulations can be very complicated to understand and navigate, getting professional help from a solicitor could be your best option. Applying for a UK visa will depend on many factors and the type of visa you need. So, if you don’t know where to start or your situation is complicated, a solicitor can provide expert advice and efficiently process your visa so you remain on the right side of the law while working in the UK.

At ITN Solicitors, we’ve worked on a range of business immigration cases so we understand the law and the steps that need to be taken. We’ve put together this helpful blog to get you up to speed with the process of managing a visa application and how a professional solicitor can help. Read on for all you need to know.

Can I work in the UK?

The good news is, there are many different avenues you can take in order to work in the UK so people from all over the world have an opportunity to immigrate. However, it’s important to note that everybody’s application is different and permission is granted based on your specific circumstances. Furthermore, if you’re looking to start a visa application after January 2021, there are new immigration systems in place as the UK enforces its Brexit status.

From this date, EU citizens moving to the UK to work will need to get a visa in advance and those applying for a skilled worker visa must provide evidence of a job offer from an approved employer sponsor. If you are a non-EU citizen, you will also need to apply for a work permit - according to recent figures, in 2019 56% of all long-term migrants were non-EU citizens, as opposed to 44% of EU citizens. The UK’s points system treats EU and non-EU citizens equally as a way of attracting skilled workers who can contribute to the UK’s economy.

Why is it important to hire a solicitor?

It’s not always clear exactly what pathway you need to take in order to work in the UK legally. But, hiring a solicitor is a surefire way of getting the legal advice you need and starting your application in the right way. There are many different options available depending on the type of work that you’re looking for whether that’s being self-employed, employed and in what industry, your skills and your country of origin.

Being on the right side of the law is essential. Living and working in the UK without the right work visa could result in deportation as you will be violating immigration and labour laws. It is always worth seeking legal help if you are unsure about your visa application or need help managing specific areas of your application or special circumstances.

What kind of work permit can you have?

As mentioned, the UK offers many types of work permits to suit all requirements. There is a UK visa for the following type of applicants so make sure you do your research to find the option that applies to you - workers, businesspersons & investors.

The cost of your UK visa will depend on the type of visa you’re applying for and the length of time you are staying in the UK. Here you can find a useful tool for calculating the application costs.

So, what kind of work permits are available? Here is a breakdown of the most common types and what the criteria are for application:

Investor, Business Development and Talent Visas

If you would like to be self-employed in the UK such as a freelancer or a business owner, you will need a UK visa within this bracket. These type of visas as for highly skilled individuals who specialise in a particular field of expertise and usually lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK which means you can stay in the UK without a time restriction.

Visas within this category include:

  • UK Innovator visa - For foreigners who want to set up or run a business in the UK.
  • UK Start-up visa - For those persons who want to set up a business in the United Kingdom with endorsement by an authorized body.
  • UK Global Talent Visa -  Persons who work in a qualifying field and have been endorsed as a recognized leader or an emerging leader, can apply for this visa.
  • UK Investor visa (Tier 1) - This is a visa for investors that want to invest £2,000,000 or more in the UK.

Long-term work visas

If you are looking for long-term work in the UK, you will need a long-term work permit that is part of the UK points-based system.

  • Skilled Worker Visa - Based on points such as English language, job skill level, certificate of sponsorship and more, a skilled worker visa then allows you to work in the UK for up to 5 years before you can apply for indefinite leave to remain.
  • Tier 2 General UK work visa -  This visa is for persons from outside the EEA and Switzerland who have gotten a job offer in the UK. The applicant must be employed by a licensed sponsor in order to be able to apply.
  • Tier 2 UK Sportsperson visa -  Elite sportsperson or qualified coach, who has been recognized by their sport’s governing body as being at the highest level of their profession internationally, can apply for this visa.

Short-term work visas

The short-term temporary work visas are granted for a temporary period and do not lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) although you can switch from a short-term visa to a long-term visa. Short-term visa, like long-term applications, are also points based.

  • UK Charity Worker visa (Tier 5) - For those who want to complete unpaid voluntary work in the UK with sponsorship from a licensed employer,
  • UK Government Authorized Exchange visa (Tier 5)  - You can apply for this visa if you want to come to the UK for work experience or to do training, an Overseas Government Language Program, research or a fellowship through an approved government authorized exchange scheme.
  • UK Seasonal Worker Visa (Tier 5) - You can apply for a Seasonal work visa is you want to travel to the UK and do farm work for up to 6 months.

For the full list of visa options, you must do your research to find a visa that matches your needs.

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