Julia Thibeault

Julia Thibeault

Julia is a Solicitor in the criminal law department.

Julia has a special focus on Criminal Appeals from the Crown Court, with experience in investigating and preparing grounds of appeal. In 2015, Julia assisted Simon Natas on an intervention in the Supreme Court in the case of R v Jogee (Appellant),which resulted in a ruling that the foresight principle under the law of Joint Enterprise had been "wrongly interpreted for 30 years”. She is currently assisting clients seeking to appeal their conviction as a result of this ruling. This includes preparing cases for appeal in the Court of Appeal as well as the CCRC.


Julia's experience also extends to preparing and litigating cases in the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court, including protest cases.


After graduating in Law at The London School of Economics, Julia developed a strong interest in human rights and civil liberties, pursuing this interest during her masters in European and International Law at The University of Amsterdam. She has also conducted extensive research for the American Civil Liberties Union for their cases at Guantanamo Bay's military commission.


Julia speaks French and has a diploma in communicative Arabic from SOAS University.