Jagjeet Saund

Jagjeet Saund

Jagjeet saund is a  Criminal Law Solicitor with over 14 years’ experience representing clients in cases of murder, sexual offences, serious fraud and general crime, specialising in representing clients, some of a high profile nature, at the pre-charge Police Station stage and at the Magistrates' Courts. Jagjeet is often instructed to represent the most serious cases at the early pre-charge police station stages.

Notable litigation experience:


  • Operation Tangelo 2 – One of the largest and most complex HMRC duty diversion prosecutions since the 1980s, involving seventeen defendants with a loss to HMRC in revenue of over 10 million pounds. Abuse of Process arguments led to the Prosecution offering no evidence against all defendants after systematic and fundamental flaws in HMRC’s ability to ever discharge its statutory disclosure obligations were exposed.
  • R v OE – four handed mortgage fraud over 1.8 million pounds in value.
  • R v WA -  multihanded conspiracy to commit murder following an attack on shopkeepers by up to 20 people with machettes and knives.
  • R v A & others - 12 handed conspiracy to commit handling stolen goods. Representing an employee for a North London Garage accused of acquiring, cutting up and then exporting high priced German cars over a period of four years. Case dismissed following first week of trial.