Farhana Rahman-Cook

Farhana Rahman-Cook

Farhana qualified as a Solicitor in 2002, thereafter gaining her duty qualification and Higher Rights in both Civil and Criminal law.  She has been a  Duty Solicitor for 15 years and Higher Courts Advocate for 10 years.   She has experience in numerous areas of work from serious crime and fraud cases, to rapes and murders.


Farhana was an Equity Partner for a number of years at a well-recognised firm but has recently left this role to return to the Magistrates court area of work and concentrates on trial advocacy for ITN Solicitors. Farhana also has experience of Licensing and Health and Safety Work.

Prominent Cases

  • 2017 – R v YS  Sexual Assault on a Child – multiple counts - Allegation made against an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in that he molested a young girl.  Case involved contacting and proofing child witnesses.  Acquittal after full trial.
  • 2016- R v JH - Possession of indecent images. Mitigation put forward resulting in a suspended sentence. (http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/barmaid-caught-it-manager-looking-at-child-porn-while-he-waited-in-pub-a3180456.html - https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/aug/03/police-officer-seriously-hurt-attempted-robbery-piccadilly-london)
  • 2016  R v HW -Fraud – teeming and lading fraud from employer - Allegation of over £50k stolen by an employee from employer in a  sophisticated teeming and lading fraud taking place over  a number of years.  HW received a suspended sentence.
  • 2016   R v GB – Rape - Allegation made by wife of a domestic rape.  After full trial successful acquittal
  • 2015  -Rape – R v  X - Allegation made against a step-brother in a  family said to have raped step-sister when she was a minor.  Historic allegation of over 10 years old. Acquittal of all charges after full trial.
  • 2015 – R v X - Allegation made against a nurse that whilst examining patient he sexually assaulted and raped her.  Acquitted after full trial.
  • 2015 -  X - Allegation of child cruelty.  The matter had no evidence offered when Crown made unsuccessful application to adjourn trial which was refused.  Matter appealed by Crown at the Court of Appeal and again refused. 
  • 2015-  R v RH - Domestic Burglary – the defendant was over the threshold of the 3 strike provision and had received lengthy custodial sentences.  Successful mitigation including gaining references from Police Officers enabled the defendant to be sentenced to a suspended sentence with rehabilitation.
  • 2015 –Junior Counsel Gross Negligence Manslaughter R v AV - AV was the Foreman on a property having a loft conversion.  AV was charged with gross negligence manslaughter as his 16 year old apprentice fell off the scaffolding to his death whilst undertaking a practised method used by the company by all of disposing of rubbish.  This was a HSE prosecution.  The Directors were charged with Health and Safety breaches of which they pleaded guilty to.  AV was acquitted after a full trial.  Loft conversion boss, Andrew Voy, of Roof Top Rooms Ltd, denies ... http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/11746272.
  • 2015 –Junior Counsel Murder (joint enterprise) R v DCB - Junior Counsel in successful acquittal on murder concerning joint enterprise and associated judicial review of the extension of custody time limits, R v DCB
  • 2014 –Junior Counsel Murder (Suicide Pact) R v AP
  • 2014 –Junior Counsel Murder R v DK - The case involved 6 defendants on an allegation of murder, kidnap, blackmail and disposal of a body.  The murder was historic and a very decomposed corpse was found by a civilian years after the event.  A lot of work was taken to try and piece together evidence to prove the innocence of DK with the difficulty of much evidence no longer being in existence as it was historic including lack of phone records.
  • Three charged with kidnap and murder of Andrzej Kulesza http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-19324789
  • 2013 – Woolwich Murder case R v HA - Bailed man to face no further action - BBC News http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24452896
  • 2011 - Junior Counsel Murder R v GS - Murder of a homeless person.  Multi-handed and complicated as most of the prosecution witnesses were homeless and alcoholics so had to be treated as hostile witnesses.
  • 2011 - Junior Counsel 2 counts of Murder R v JS - JS murdered his 2 children by slitting their throats with a steak knife in act of revenge against his wife who he felt was cheating.
  • 2007 - Junior Counsel 2 counts of Murder – R v VG - A mother was allowed access to her 2 young children by social services.  On the first overnight visit she killed her 2 children.  A variety of medical reports were commissioned resulting in the Crown accepting a plea to manslaughter due to diminished responsibility. www.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/6925390.stm
  • R v AS – death in workplace - attending coroners inquest concerning a death at the workplace.  Matter no further actioned by police and successful finding of accidental death at Coroners Inquest.  Health and Safety prosecution.