Actions Against The Police


Actions against the police, prisons and immigration detention centres
State bodies have great powers to detain and use force against you. These powers have to be used carefully and as a last resort.  They also have obligations to investigate thoroughly when you have been a victim of crime or when mistakes have been made. When this does not happen it is important that the government and other bodies are held to account.  Clients seek out ITN Solicitors because we have a reputation for fighting hard for our clients and being innovative in achieving justice. 
We work with clients who want to challenge misconduct and wrongdoing by police officers/forces from across the country, the prison service, immigration detention centres, the Home Office, multi-national companies who work in behalf of the government, and others. 
We regularly fight cases of:
  • Wrongful arrest
  • False imprisonment
  • Assault and battery
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Misfeasance (abuse of power) in a Public Office
  • Discrimination claims
  • Human Rights Act claims (including, the right to protest, right to a private life, cruel and degrading treatment)
  • Negligence
  • Data Protection Act claims (including, when information held on you is inaccurate or irrelevant or has been passed on to other organisations.)
We also advise clients through the complaint and misconduct proceedings when clients seek to have an officer or staff member disciplined for their wrong doing.
We represent bereaved families whose loved one has died in custody or at the hands of the state, through the Inquest process and in civil claims on behalf of the deceased’s estate and for family member’s themselves.
In addition, we challenge the decisions of state bodies through the judicial review process.  See the Public Law page for more details.
For our clients financial compensation, either out of court or at a trial, is not the driving desire but often this is the remedy available.  You can also seek to obtain an apology, an admission or finding of wrongdoing, training and re-writing of policy and procedure, or the deletion of DNA/other data from Police/government databases
See also the Civil Liberties and Protest, and the Football pages.
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